Motivation & Gamification in digital health products

Lena Sedlmeier

Marketing & Communications


How do we enable motivation with technology in Digital Health and Fitness?

Sometimes it helps to see things from a different perspective, so instead of running 90 minutes, let’s play soccer. With this powerful effect, you can drive user retention, increase your customer’s experience and have a meaningful impact on their lives.

What is gamification?

The idea of gamification is simple, yet enormously powerful - adding game elements to non-game activities for example with points to visualize progress, badges to display achievements, and leader boards to trigger the drive of competition. This play instinct can be highly beneficial for one’s health. By evoking the external motivation with the underlying drive to play and compete we support the user with the application to establish their own routine of small habits in real life.

Win-Win for you and your customers

Do you want to live a long and healthy live? Of course! Most people do. Still, many people choose to live less healthy than they could. So there is a big intention-action-gap, meaning that people want to live healthy but lack action like doing sports, cooking healthy food or quit smoking.

With gamification, we can help the user to develop habits and drive motivation to overcome this intention-action-gap. Adding points and badges is not enough though. To trigger a real behaviour change, you need to carefully craft meaningful gamification elements that actually have an impact.

With great gamification you can improve the user's overall experience, their health and simultaneously drive retention to your whole platform, e.g. your physical fitness device.

Principles we live by

Of course, health is not a topic to take lightly. Here are our three principals we live by:

1. We never play with one’s health

Health data is more than just numbers. It reflects a highly personal and sometimes emotional journey that goes beyond any competitive leaderboards and badges. Our solutions are therefore individually orientated to deliver the best solution for everyone’s health and fitness.

3. Every step in the right direction is progress

Based on the science of habits, we keep the barrier low to animate people to start small and build a routine more easily for a healthier future.

2. Create the optimal environment for progress

It’s the balance between establishing a save, yet effective space for individuals where we can support them in achieving their goals and in their own terms.

So, do you want to play with us?