Connecting fitness devices to a digital companion

Lena Sedlmeier

Marketing & Communications


The communication architecture forms the backbone of your application. Your product vision can inform the decision on what technology to choose in order to transfer data from and to your device.

Common communication technologies

- Cable: connect your phone or tablet to your device with a USB cable

- WiFi: Your device AND phone/tablet need to be connected with the same WiFi and transfer data through it, just as with a WiFi printer.

- Bluetooth (low energy): The device and your phone/tablet have a direct connection. There is also a low energy variant of Bluetooth connection that can be used.

- NFC: The same technology that is used for contactless payment.


There is no ideal solution for the connection between smart devices as each technology has its benefits and disadvantages. 
The optimal solution depends on your product vision and budget.

For example, if you only need to transfer workout data at the end of every session on your smart treadmill, NFC might be a good option: reasonable development effort, and great ease of use. The downside of the transmission distance is insignificant and the data transfer can work like contactless payment in a supermarket.

Once you want to continously transfer data from and to your treadmill, NFC will hit its limitations soon.

Together with Envidual, you will be able to figure out the proper solution for your individual use-case.

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